What is Triphylla

TRIPHYLLA® is a product created by GMC Energy & High Tech in 2013.

It is the result of a project by Massimo Ceccato and Marcello Griffo, bonded by a special sensitivity for environmental care and protection and by the greatest attention to those good practices capable of regenerating and strengthening the biosystem we live in.

TRIPHYLLA® is inspired by the ancient philosophy of the rebalancing of ecosystem’s elements (earth, plants, water, etc.) and to the innovative enhancement of their reactivity.


TRIPHYLLA® is suitable for fruit growing, horticulture, wine-growing, floriculture, greenhouse and arboreal cultivation, extensive agriculture, pastures, ornamental and indoor plants.

The liquid formula can be applied directly to irrigate plants and soils. It is also suitable to be added to the seed, poured directly into the seeding machine’s hopper.

The powder formula can be mixed in pots and in the farmland substrate.

Dry or wet applications are related to seasonality and type of crop. In addition, the composition of rock dust is suitable not only in order to energize and regenerate, but also to support the prevention of some cryptogamic pathologies with its strengthening action of the plants’ immune system defenses.